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Top 5 commercial vans for under £25,000 in 2014

We’ve picked five vans for business. There are vehicles ideal for plumbers, florists, landscape gardeners, mobile hairdressers or caterers, so which ones made the grade?

Choosing the right van for your business is really important. It is likely to be the most expensive piece of kit you rely on day-to-day to keep your customers happy.

So it goes without saying you need to choose wisely – if you are a florist or electrician, there may be no point buying a two-tonne workhorse, whilst a construction business will struggle with a small hatchback van.

And if you’re in construction you may need a van with a higher ‘payload’, which means how much weight your van can legally carry. There are fixed fines and penalties if you exceed the legal levels, so a caterer specialising in cupcakes may not need to worry, but a landscape gardener transporting rocks and pebbles would.

With the help of industry experts, Startups has selected five outstanding vans, representing the best balance between performance and quality, from a spread of weight classes. Heavy vans, medium vans, light vans, hatchbacks and pick-up trucks are all represented – so whatever your business’ needs, you should find a good option here.

One thing you may consider instead of buying outright is acquiring a van on a contract hire scheme. This can have considerable tax benefits, as the cost can normally be entirely written off as a business expense.

There is also normally less hassle associated with hiring, as most of the vehicle costs are included in the price – you normally only pay for fuel and road tax. We have included typical rental prices for each model featured.

You also need to decide whether you are buying new or used. Many of the models featured here came out in the last couple of years, and represent the very latest in performance, quality and comfort – buy new and you get a guaranteed quality vehicle, with a manufacturer’s guarantee giving you peace of mind for the first couple of years of use.

If you opt for a used van, you will spend significantly less money, but be aware commercial vehicles have often seen extremely heavy-duty use and may come with a host of problems. So which five commercial vehicles represent the best value for under £25,000? Read on to find out…


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  1. I’ve finally just got rid of my old seat inca – had lots of problems cost me almost 2 grand in repairs. If you need get your van shifted quick these guys are pretty good I was looking at the ranger – anyone know what the’yre like for reliablity + what is a resonable price to pay second hand?