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The 5 top entrepreneurial skills for starting a business

Five Woods Summer School at Storthes Hall Park explain why gaining leadership skills at a young age can be crucial for a successful business

Developing leadership skills at a young age can have a significant impact on starting up and running a successful business.

And while some are born with innate entrepreneurial skills, there are a number of key traits that future business owners would do well to harness and hone.

Below are the 5 top skills for running a successful business:

1. Confidence

Confidence can not only improve leadership style but can contribute to overall happiness. When acting as a leader it is important to have the confidence to give constructive feedback where necessary.

In situations where there is a lack of confidence, a situation may be handled in an incorrect way because the leader was not confident enough to give team members the constructive feedback they needed.

Additionally, shying away from tackling difficult issues can also mean that the task at hand is put at risk; it is important to have the confidence to be able to tackle difficult issues when they arise. This includes managing difficult conversations with team mates and improving overall social interaction.

2. Self-awareness

Understanding your personal leadership style and its impact on others can work towards demonstrating positive and inclusive leadership.

Having an insight into your leadership style means that it is possible to tailor work to specific needs and become equipped with the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in life. This self-awareness provides a springboard to efficient communication and social skills.

3. Inspiring and motivating others

Inspiring and motivating others is an important skill that can benefit a team and lead to a highly positive working environment.

A leader that encourages and recognises great work will attract a happier team who feel appreciated and therefore consistently deliver good results.

Additionally, being able to unleash your own aspirations and motivation can bring about a feeling of great empowerment and work towards an effective leadership style.

4. Resilience

Facing difficult situations is a part of life that can cause a feeling of discouragement and loss of motivation that affects the quality of work.

Having the resilience to turn these difficulties from negative to positive is something that is believed to be one of the most important (and difficult) skills to obtain as a leader.

It requires creative and rational thinking to manage the feelings and emotions of other people and ensure that their place in the workplace is a happy one.

5. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm in the workplace can enhance leadership skills and unlock the full potential of a leader.

Displaying a willingness to listen and communicate as well as showing basic enthusiastic traits like smiling, nodding and sitting up straight demonstrates a visible, inclusive and powerful leadership style.

This includes showing enthusiasm through your own ideas but also attentively listening to others ideas and making them feel valued.

Furthermore, setting goals, taking action and planning for the future reassures teams that the business is heading in the right direction.

Teaching young people these skills results in the development of a better leadership style as well as the development of general life skills, further heightening the chances of success.

Five Woods Summer School was created as a platform to help young students throughout life both professionally and personally by teaching them important leadership and management skills.

Five Woods Summer School is based at Storthes Hall Park in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and improves the leadership skills of 14-16-year olds. The school runs from 5 – 19 August. Free places can also be won through the competition – Find out more at