Top new businesses of 2014: Canary

The monitoring system allowing the elderly to stay in their own homes for longer…

Founders: Christopher Curry, William Cotton and Stuart Sheehy
Launched: April 2014

Having an elderly parent or aunt who lives alone or far away can be worrying, especially when you don’t have the time to check up on them regularly. Seeking to ease the minds of such relatives, and most importantly, grant much needed independence to the elderly is Canary.

Self proclaimed serial entrepreneur and inventor Christopher Curry had been interested in care for the elderly for a long time, and with years of experience in computing he wanted to use those skills to help people stay in their homes for longer.

The Canary product uses a unique and discreet system of easy to install wireless sensors that monitor movement, temperature and visitors, without the need for Wi-Fi or a phone line.

Users simply login in to see whether their relative has been waking up, eating and using the bathroom at their usual time; as well as if visitors such as cleaners or a carer have been as expected. And so they don’t have to be permanently glued to their device to check, Canary texts or emails users if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

The company is confident it can give you the reassurance you need – the package costs £270 plus £15 a month for the monitoring, with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied within 30 days – which, considering the extortionate costs of homes for the elderly, seems fairly reasonable.

With a team that has substantial shared experience in healthcare and are motivated by a clear passion to help those in need, this unique product has the potential to grow into a highly successful business while most importantly making a considerable difference to people’s lives.

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