Top new businesses of 2014: Cocoon

The smart security gadget which can detect intruders through closed doors...

Founders: Dan Conlon, Colin Richardson, Nick Gregory, Sanjay Parekh and John Berthels
Launched: October 2014

Given the steady rise in “smart” technology, Internet of Things and cloud-based devices in recent years, it wasn’t going to be long until a smart solution was launched for the home security market and that solution comes in the form of Cocoon.

Recognising that home security devices haven’t evolved much in the last 20 years and having become increasingly frustrated with faulty and expensive monitored alarms which “reaped misery on neighbours”, Dan Conlon and co-founders Colin Richardson, Nick Gregory, Sanjay Parekh and John Berthels began development of a security product that would be simple to use, easily accessible and “beautifully designed”.

Using sensors and machine learning technology known as SUBSOUND, Cocoon is a security device which learns what activity is normal in your home and then alerts you via mobile notifications, audio and HD video the moment that anything unusual happens. Able to protect your home from just one device, the technology can be installed “in seconds” and is so advanced that it can sense activity through walls and closed doors and even continues to learn – storing data and information about your home activity in the cloud.

A genuine ‘Made in Britain’ product – designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK – the start-up recently raised £130,000 in an overfunded crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with backing from over 755 investors to ramp up its expansion.

With additional plans to grow from five to 15 employees in 2015, the Leeds-based business still has some way to go before becoming a market-leading product but Cocoon’s team believe they will achieve this by putting the homeowner in control, as co-founder Parekh asserts: “security today is about people”.

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