Top new businesses of 2014: Liquiproof

The innovative proofing spray keeping your footwear spotless…

Founder: Caner Veli
Launched: January 2014

Fed up with his shoes and trainers getting ruined by weather and accidental spills, Caner Veli sought to find a solution that would protect his footwear. Having found “nothing that lived up to his requirements” – being affordable, easy to apply and lasting longer than three weeks – the entrepreneur decided to create his own protective footwear spray, an idea that would eventually evolve into Liquiproof.

Borne out of three years of research and development, Liquiproof is a proofing spray that enables you to permanently protect your shoes without affecting the look, feel or breathability. From wine to ketchup and even graffiti, any substance that touches your shoes simply rolls off and this even extends to acid-based substances. A “first” in technology innovation, the 11-month old start-up has already generated a solid fan base which is reflected by its revenue figures with £175,000 turnover to date and growing.

Backed by a £25,000 Start Up Loan, the start-up’s client portfolio is equally impressive with its product stocked in 150 shops and concessions of Office, OFFSPING, Poste and Poste Mistress and it even has a presence in the US and Holland.

Having successfully differentiated itself from competitors in the space which use “damaging aerosols and generally last a maximum of three weeks”, expect to hear a lot more about Liquiproof in 2015.

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