Top new businesses of 2014: RefME

The referencing tool offering an easy-to-use solution for students across the world...

Founders: Tom Hatton and Ian Foreshaw
Launched: March 2014

An arduous but essential task, the majority of university students would agree that referencing work and creating bibliographies could be made a lot simpler. Having lost out on “drinking time” at university due to the “tedious” referencing process, 24 year-old Tom Hatton sought to find a solution and, unable to find anything that was easy-to-use with good quality output, he decided to develop his own referencing tool.

RefME is a free to use generator which allows you to search by book, article title, item number or website URL to generate a reference in a matter of seconds. The tool then stores your projects or reference lists in the cloud and syncs them across all of your devices so that they’re “ready when you are”.

Available in over 7,000 styles to students worldwide, the tech start-up has already attracted over 500,000 users and has an active fan base on social media with 10,000 Twitter followers and growing. RefME’s proposition has also attracted some impressive hires. In just nine months, the start-up claims to have secured the “best technical team in London”, with employees from Google, Apple, Amazon and even NASA, and the company has also gauged investor interest with an “exciting deal” set to be announced in the coming months.

With an ultimate goal to “remove the search from research”, RefME’s ambitions don’t stop at half a million users, Hatton is confident that the young start-up will hit five to 10 million users by the end of 2015. A strategy is also in place to begin to monetise revenue channels and, with the publishing market worth an estimated $150bn, RefME appears in prime position to tap into lucrative this market.


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