Top new businesses of 2014: Rormix

Curated music videos from unsigned and independent artists

Founders: Amman Ahmed, Emma Owens, Chris Farrell and Mark Wheeler
Launched: April 2014

With hours of new content added to video hosting websites every day, finding new music was harder than ever, until now. Manchester-based Rormix is the platform that makes it easy to discover unsigned and emerging talent.

Noticing a shift towards specific content focused platforms (such as Vevo for commercial music) and with a host of undiscovered musicians creating their own music videos, the team wanted to come up with an easy way for their users to discover upcoming artists.

Described by the founders as “Tinder for music discovery”, the app utilises a quick discovery feature where users can ‘like’ or ‘skip’ after viewing the first 15 seconds of each video. Videos are tagged with the names of commercial artists from similar genres, so it’s easy for users to find music that appeals to them and make the journey from the commercial to the emerging world.

Unlike other video hosting websites the app uses unique in-video embedded billboard style adverts instead of annoying 30-second videos to generate revenue.

The team are currently focused on growing their user base, but having raised a £205,000 seed round and with 60,000 monthly users and 5,000 artists already using the app, this start-up is set to become the go-to place for new music discovery in 2015.

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