Top new businesses of 2014: Twizoo

The app that helps Londoners discover the best restaurants and pubs, based on Twitter buzz

Founders: Madeline Parra and John Talbott
Launched: July 2014

With seemingly a plethora of trendy new ‘must-visit’ bars and restaurants opening every week, it’s hard to know which ones will actually live up to the hype. Stepping up to help its users sort the wheat from the chaff is Twizoo – the app that delivers up-to-the-minute information on London’s best food and drink hotspots.

Forget restaurant critics and questionably anonymous reviews on TripAdvisor, Twizoo harnesses the power of the twittersphere to collate an accurate and real-time picture of public opinion on a restaurant or bar. Cooking millions of tweets down into a simple red (potentially avoid), yellow (looks OK), green (go for it) bubble system makes it easier than ever to make quick and assured decisions about where to eat and drink – ‘the bigger the bubble, the bigger the buzz’.

Not forgetting the importance of the establishments it reviews to its business model, the app allows restaurants to advertise and promote their offerings via tweets to users searching for places in the area. Though the company is keen to emphasise this does not affect that restaurants’ rating.

Currently Twizoo is focused on building its user base, but with 10,000 users and 40 restaurants already advertising – and serial tweeter Stephen Fry tweeting about the start-up – the company look set to be the go-to app for current information on the best places to wine and dine.


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