12 days of start-ups: 3rings

The plug that connects to home appliances to let you know your elderly relatives are OK

Founders: Gareth Reakes, Julie Purdham and Steve Purdham
Launched: April 2015
Website: www.3rings.co.uk

Living away from elderly relatives can be difficult when it’s not feasible to constantly check in to see if they’re ok, especially if they don’t understand the technology that would make it easier to communicate.

With octogenarian parents of their own, the founders of 3rings care developed a solution that doesn’t require them to do anything but go about their daily routine. The 3rings plug connects to any home appliance and can then let a potentially concerned relative know if it’s not been switched on at the usual time.

If there is a break from routine, a notification is automatically sent to alert the relative of a potential problem and as it uses a mobile network, no internet installation is required. The business works on a subscription service from £79 for the plug and £12 a month subscription, to £288 for a 24-month subscription with a free plug.

Just eight months after launch, 3rings has its product up for sale in a number of Tesco stores with plans to expand into more in the coming months. With an estimated 3.8 million over 65s living alone in the UK, the fledgling company is in prime position to capitalise on a huge potential market.


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