12 days of start-ups: eve

The e-commerce platform committed to creating the “perfect mattress”

Founders: Jas Bagniewski, James Fryer, Kuba Wieczorek and Felix Lobkovich
Launched: February 2015
Website: www.evemattress.co.uk

Though it is “one of life’s most important purchases”, the process of buying a mattress is fraught with confusion and tedium. With years of combined experience in e-commerce, product development and marketing, Jas Bagniewski, James Fryer, Kuba Wieczorek and Felix Lobkovich knew there must be a better way.

Together they started eve Mattress, an online platform that cuts out the middleman – and shipping costs – selling quality mattresses direct-to-consumer. The company’s technology enables the mattresses to be folded and packed into a compact box, which they claim cuts a third off the delivery price of rival brands.

Prices range from £349 for a single to £899 for a 7×7 foot mattress, which are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK using a combination of memory and reflex foam. With more than 7,000 mattresses sold so far through the platform, consumers are clearly responding to this disruptive business model.

Backed by £3.1m in Angel and VC funding, eve is projecting £4m turnover by the end of the year – and with a steadfast focus on “creating one product, to perfection”, 2016 could be the year the e-commerce mattress goes mainstream.


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