12 days of start-ups: Headbox

The "UK's first spatial network", letting you book creative, inspiring and off-site meeting rooms from under utilised spaces..

Founder: Andrew Needham
Launched: October 2015
Website: www.headbox.com

After watching a colleague suffer the hassle of middle men, endless phone calls and paperwork when trying to book a space for a client, Andrew Needham knew there must be a better, simpler and faster way of doing things.

Fuelled by this belief he founded HeadBox, an online market allowing users to search, book and pay for creative, interesting and offsite spaces in London for workshops, company meetings, product launches and other business functions. Just two months after launch the platform already features more than 1,500 spaces such as Searcy’s, Somerset House and the Shangri-La Hotel and has secured the likes of BBC, Sony and KPMG on its guest database.

Hosts benefit from being able to rent out underused space and driving additional revenue streams, with HeadBox taking 10% commission from their fees. It’s early days for the company but it already has plans to add instant messaging for faster communication between hosts and guests and an Uber style star-rating system as new features in the coming months.

Having already raised £1.2m from a number of private investors and with previous experience of building a social data analytics company to revenues of £8m, HeadBox looks to be in safe hands with Needham.


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