12 days of start-ups: Splittable

The app helping housemates live in harmony by tracking their shared expenditure

Founders: Nick Katz and Vasanth Subramanian
Launched: April 2015
Website: www.splittable.co

Countless sitcoms have shown that living with your mates can be some of the best years of your life, but also that minor disagreements can be responsible for major fallouts and finished friendships.

Having lived in nine shared properties in London, Nick Katz had his fair share of such disputes and struck upon an idea to help housemates live in harmony. Alongside co-founder Vasanth Subramanian he created Splittable, an app that helps housemates manage their shared expenditure and avoid conflict.

Everything from rent and utilities to groceries and nights out can be tracked on the platform, which shows who’s paid, who owes and notifies you of upcoming payments. With housemates paying for so many things, Katz claims to be looking to “monetise the ecosystem of suppliers that surround the home” in order to generate revenue.

Launched just eight months ago, Splittable has been growing at 25-30% and recently closed an £800,000 seed funding round with Seedcamp, Playfair Capital and the London Co-Investment Fund. With five star reviews flooding in on the app store and the rare critical feedback helping fuel ongoing improvements, 2016 looks set to be a big year for the nascent platform.


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