Top new businesses of 2016: Appsumer

The acquisition intelligence platform helping clients overcome the fragmented mobile landscape

Founder: Shumel Lais
Launched: August 2016

Acquisition intelligence platform Appsumer was founded to solve what it sees as the biggest challenge faced by performance marketers today: “the fragmentation of the mobile landscape”.

To prevent missed opportunities and wasted budgets, Appsumer’s product aggregates, visualises and forecasts return on ad-spend across myriad mobile media sources to help brands optimise their decision making, inform customer acquisition and cut acquisition costs.

Headed up by founder and CEO Shumel Lais – a man with six years experience in the industry who’s led campaigns for 30 brands – alongside a team of experts in user acquisition (UA), the company claims to improve its customers’ cost per acquisition (CPA) by 48% and increase volume four-fold.

Appsumer ‘s services include a managed on-boarding service, a data management service, access to an expert team of customer success managers and an in-house transformation service to help to help with performance audit, media buying strategy and managed media buying.

The platform has worked with the likes of restaurant booking app Uncover – featured in Tech Pitch – which it helped to reduce CPA by 72%, and postcard app Touchnote, helping it to increase its volume of new customers eight-fold.

Now backed by $1m in seed funding from Galvanise Capital in November this year, the company has plans to invest in research and development to enhance its UA intelligence platform and drive customer acquisition. With a truly comprehensive solution to a problem faced by brands the world over, Appsumer has major potential to scale over the coming year.


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