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Top new businesses of 2016: ScootFleet

Creators of the patented delivery scooter with an illuminated "backbox"

Founders: Sam Merullo and Isobel Hume
Launched: March 2016

Just as Buzzbike is capitalising on the growing outdoor advertising market, so too is ScootFleet; a nine-month old start-up which has developed unique scooters with an illuminated “backbox” to showcase partner brands.

Founded by Sam Merullo and Isobel Hume, ScootFleet's patented 125cc delivery scooters are available to food delivery platforms, restaurants and couriers.

The box is backlit, enabling the 24/7 promotion of brands and promises to keep contents “protected, hygienic and safe”. The branded panels enables the company to work for a host of businesses – both food delivery but also conventional couriers, allowing for the full utilisation of company assets. The company has got a healthy pipeline of other branded vehicles, including electric scooters.

Merullo asserts that ScootFleet is not seeking to compete with delivery platforms. Instead the goal is to give these platforms a method of de-risking as – alongside the ScootFleet advertising “backbox” – the company also provides it’s partner company with food delivery insurance, fully maintained bikes, and driver management procedures.

The start-up's innovative approach to advertising has already seen online takeaway giant Just Eat come on board as a customer and the business has also been working directly with restaurant chains.

Currently operational in London, ScootFleet's bikes will be launched in Manchester and Birmingham in the New Year… so get ready to see illuminated scooters in your city soon!


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