Top new businesses of 2016: Stratajet

The aviation platform making the world’s supply of private jets more accessible

Founder: Jonathan Nicol
Launched: April 2016

There is nothing you can’t do from your smartphone; order a cab, gifts, food and now a private jet. With Stratajet’s private service, you can hit request and be on a flight from Paris to New York in a matter of hours.

Founded in 2011, Stratajet allows customers to charter empty leg flights – those scheduled without passengers – through its private online booking platform.

Founder Jonathan Nicol, a pilot, computer scientist and entrepreneur, came up with the business idea when he noticed how hard it was for people to charter private airplanes from their destination.

The aviation connoisseur set about creating an algorithm called ‘adaptive empty leg engine’ which makes it easier for customers to find private flights quickly and at competitive rates. Available via the app and website, the platform finds available charter aircrafts and diverts planes to your destination whilst still being on route to their original location.

All you have to do is enter your location and your desired destination and the app arranges available planes for you and calculates the price. The tool works in 45 locations and on average one third of searches produces one adaptive empty leg result.

In an industry that is overly complicated and reliant on human brokers to schedule flights, Stratajet’s technology – which has been five years in the making – is set to make scheduling a private plane easier and more efficient than ever.

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Coupled with $8m funding raised in May 2016, bringing total funding to $14m, the sky really is the limit for this burgeoning new business.


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