Top tips for setting up your website

Your website set up in a nutshell

Getting your website set up can be a confusing business. There’s so much on offer, it can be hard to tell what’s what. It’s difficult to know whether you’d be best doing it yourself, or going through an agency, or …?

Well, worry not. We’ve made it easy for you.

Follow these top tips and you can’t go wrong:

  • If at all possible, don’t go down the DIY route: it’s a good idea to get expert advice on design and build

  • Triple your cost projections. The quotes you get are one thing, but your site is going to change and evolve; the contractor can start to lose money and things become problematic. The bill for a website build always goes up in the end and it’s always at least double what you think it’ll be.

Tailor Your Web Design Quote. Start Here.

I am planning to...?

Launch a new website

Replace an existing website

  • Keep lines of communication open and work closely with your web development teams

  • Try to bring in good technical people, and don’t be afraid to reward them with equity and good salaries: a good developer can do the work of three average ones
  • Whoever understands what needs to be built and whoever understands the user – whether it’s the client or the product person – will drive the idea. They need to be working very closely with the team that is building your site.


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