Top tips for setting yourself up for success at home

Read our top tips on the best way to equip yourself at home

The key to equipping your office is flexibility. Some needs will be apparent instantly while others will only become obvious after the system has become established. And, without doubt, your needs will change as the business develops.

A few top tips include:

  • If possible start off with an office that is larger than your needs – it is amazing how quickly any space will be filled
  • Think very carefully about your communication needs – this is the one area where you may spend more money than makes sense to begin with but find that installing an extra phone line was very worthwhile
  • Have equipment to cover your absences
  • Invest heavily in a good chair and desk
  • Have proper lighting
  • Fill you own stationary cupboard – your neighbour might lend you a cup of sugar but a spare stapler might be more challenging.


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