The website that crowd-sources and curates opinions to compile ‘top 10’ recommendations – on everything and anything

Founders: Tom Leathes, Harry Jones and Alex Buttle
Launched: September 2011

Not many founders secure venture capital for a pre-revenue business; fewer still from investors with such standing as Accel Partners (an early backer of Facebook, Spotify and Groupon). But the Top10 founders have done just that, raising $3.5m in September, just six months after conceiving the idea for Top10.

Inspired by the power of recommendations, the business enables people to create ‘top 10s’, which others can then submit their own versions of, curating public opinion. Users have already been busy ranking everything from music videos to hotels, iPhone games to Friends episodes.

While the business is not yet making money, Leathes and his co-founders (who have three successful exits under their belts) insist it has a clear plan to do so through affiliate deals, with music providing one of the first key routes to gaining traction.

The business is already making a name for itself in this area, having developed a Top10 app for Spotify, which recently opened its platform to third party developers. Selected as one of 16 official launch partners, the eight-month-old business can now count, Rolling Stone and The Guardian among its peers.


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