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Top tips for finding a serviced office

8 factors to consider when using virtual office services

So you've decided to use a virtual office services company. There are plenty to choose from, so how do you ensure you select one that fits the needs of your business? offers the following tips to consider when selecting a virtual office services company:

  1. Visit the company. They may have sophisticated technology, or they may have a chaotic mess of telephones – you'll never know until you see for yourself.
  2. Check the history. A lot of small companies have sprung up in the last five years, so check that the company has experience and can last the course.
  3. Speak to the receptionists. These are the front line for your business and the first impression for customers, so make sure you're happy with them.
  4. Ask for a free trial. If they're confident about the quality of their service, and serious about providing it, they should be happy to let you try it first.
  5. Decide what you want. Some companies deliver a basic message-taking service, others offer the entire virtual office experience – what level of service do you want?
  6. Plan for the future. You don't want to have to leave a company just because it's not keeping up with the times, so check it's investing in technology.
  7. Do your sums. The complicated pricing structures can be confusing, so work out a sample month, and look for hidden costs.
  8. Read the contract. Look at the length of contract, and how much notice you will need to give if you need to terminate it.


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