Tradespeople in UK ‘spend a week away from home per month’

Study finds traders cover more than 350 miles per month to complete jobs

Tradespeople in the UK are spending an average of one working week (five nights) away from home per month, according to a new study.

Research commissioned by insurer Direct Line for Business (DL4B) found that of those working in the trades industry, builders were the most likely to spend extended stints away from home, stopping out  an average of nine nights per month.

The study also revealed that tradespeople were covering increasingly long distances in order to complete jobs, travelling an average of 350 miles per month – the equivalent of a return trip from the UK to New York every year, and a 6% rise on 2012.

Again, builders were found to travel the furthest to complete jobs, clocking in an average of 1,125 miles per month.

The research found that between 2012 and 2013, electricians saw the average distance they travelled increase by 29%, whilst plumbers travelled 15% more and plasterers 9%.

The full results are below:

Trade Average number of nights away from home per month Average distance travelled per month (miles) Average change in distance travelled 2012 vs 2013 (%)
Builder 9 1125 0
Plasterer 7.7 436 8.6
Plumber 7.5 298 15.3
Electrician 6.5 417 28.5
Decorator 5.4 328 -3.9
Other 2.1 294 0
General handyman 1.8 540 -3.6
Total average 4.8 355 6.3


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Jasvinder Gakhal of Direct Line for Business commented on the study: “Our research shows the dedication of tradespeople across the UK to complete jobs.

“The last few years have presented some serious challenges to tradespeople, however, this proves the commitment made to ensure jobs are being done and how far people are prepared to travel to take on work.”


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