The software company that enables you to see which businesses are visiting your website

Company details

Company: Trovus Founders: Caspar Craven and Edward Charvet Website: Based: Vauxhall, London Clients: 360
Who are you?

Caspar Craven, co-founder and director of Trovus.

What do you do?

The business is focused around a piece of software called Trovus Revelations. It tells you which companies are visiting your website and what information is of interest to them. It delivers ‘who and why’ information, as opposed to just presenting the number of visitors.

What does that mean in practice?

If you have pitched your services to 100 prospects, you can see which ones have visited your website and tag them with your email address. Next time they come back, you automatically get an email alert. Selling is all about timing, and this tells you when your clients or prospects are showing interest in your company. What size business best suits your service?

There are some large global companies using us, as well as businesses turning over half a million pounds. The people that typically buy from us are marketing managers or directors from companies providing high-value business-to-business services – usually priced at more than £5,000 a time. They tend to spend at least £50,000 a year on marketing activities, believe the web can deliver more value for them and have at least four different marketing activities already.

Why should I care?

Anyone undertaking marketing activity at the moment needs to be able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. If you’re able to see the companies visiting your website, you can directly track the response. One of our clients is a building contractor. It launched a direct mail campaign for 250 prospects, and tracked how many of them actually visited their website. It saw that 15 did, so in its follow-up it focused all its energy on those businesses. It converted two household names into customers.

What mistakes will you stop me from making?

Wasting money on marketing that just doesn’t work. Everyone knows the web should deliver value, but many businesses see little tangible return. We often speak to people who say: “We need a new website,” when there’s already lots of really valuable information attached to their site. You can get more value out of understanding who’s using your website already and what’s interesting them, rather than by spending thousands on a redesign and monthly search marketing.

What can you do for me that I cannot do myself?

Many businesses rely on services like Google Analytics to track activity on their website. While this can be useful, it does not offer details about the specific companies visiting your site and what they’re interested in. We can get your website talking to the relevant people inside your organisation whenever your prospects or clients are looking at it.

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Give me an example

If you have 100 people on your website, it’s likely only one or two will actually get in touch with you, but seven or eight might be business opportunities. As soon as you see people searching for your services, you can proactively market to them. It’s rifle-shot marketing rather than spray and pray. And that’s what the FD Centre did. It saw companies on its site that it didn’t have a relationship with, and started marketing directly to those businesses. Using telemarketing, it targeted 35 companies. One is now a client worth around £60,000 a year, while a further eight are prospects.

Why should I trust you?

You don’t have to trust us, because we offer a free trial to anyone who’s interested. We won’t charge you a penny unless you can see the value that this delivers to you. We’ve also developed a process for using this information, because it’s new to many people in marketing terms. We run free seminars where people can come along and share their experiences of how they’re using it.

How much will it cost me?

We have a small, medium and large pricing structure. It starts at £300 a month and depends on the volume of traffic going through your site.


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