Twitter expands Twitter Ads with launch of objective-based ads for small businesses

Small and medium firms will now be able to target Twitter campaigns to achieve goals such as driving followers, website clicks or app installs

Twitter has today announced an “exciting update” for its Twitter Ads offering with the launch of objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing for its small and medium-sized business users.

The changes, which are being rolled-out now, will look to make it easier for small firms to target and optimize their adverts on Twitter to achieve the results they want such as traffic to a website, email sign-ups, app installs etc. and users will only have to pay based on the goal that they want to achieve.

Dubbed “a pretty big change for advertisers on Twitter” by the social media giant, the update also includes the launch of new tools which make it easier to create adverts such as an image cropper with drag-and-drop capabilities to allow you to customise photos.

Twitter intends for the changes to help businesses increase their return on investment (ROI) and explains that you will only pay when a user takes an action aligned with your campaign objective.

For instance, if you want to drive leads on Twitter you’ll only pay when users submit their information via a ‘lead generation card’ within the promoted tweet.

This same rule will apply for app installation or app engagement campaigns as you will only by charged on a cost-per-app click (CPAC) basis.

In its official press release today, Twitter outlined its decision to expand Twitter Ads: “Our goal is to make it easier and faster for all businesses to succeed on Twitter Ads.

“We’ll continue to enhance our campaign creation and reporting capabilities so that you can optimise for your unique marketing objectives — whether you’re a small business setting up your first Twitter Ads campaign or a large ad agency running hundreds of campaigns.”


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