Twitter purchases London-based ‘social TV’ analytics start-up SecondSync

Social media giant to expand its ‘second screen’ viewing following acquisition

Twitter has announced the purchase of UK TV analytics start-up SecondSync in a move to strengthen its ‘second screen’ TV viewing; allowing users to watch television programmes and comment on its social networks at the same time.

The deal, the terms of which are not yet disclosed, will see the SecondSync team move to the social network’s London office to help take its product “to the next level”.

Founded in 2011, SecondSync is an analytics tool which claims to be the “leading provider” of social TV analytics, presenting data of users tweeting about certain TV programmes in a micro-blogging format.

The analytics business had recently partnered with Twitter competitor site Facebook to provide it with analytics data but the purchase will see this client deal end.

Twitter plans to merge the acquisition with its procurement of Parisian TV firm Mesagraph, which will join SecondSync at the London base, with the goal to develop its real-time TV offering, as well as increase its advertising potential by allowing brands to, for example, promote a Tweet onto the timelines of users who watching a specific TV show.

Confirming the news on its website, SecondSync commented: “We’re delighted to announce that we are joining Twitter.

“We are very proud of the business we have built up over the last three years. Through our social analytics products, we’ve enabled clients in the broadcast and advertising industries to realise the value of conversations on Twitter about television.

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“Twitter is the only place that hosts a real-time, public conversation about TV at scale. By joining Twitter, we will be able to help take that experience, in concert with the rest of the TV ecosystem, to the next level —particularly in markets outside the United States.

“We look forward to an exciting future at Twitter!”


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