Twitter rolls out mobile app promotion to all users

Functionality will allow developers to integrate ‘Install’ buttons onto Tweets

Global social network Twitter today announced its ‘mobile app promotion’ service will be extended to all users for the first time, giving businesses the option of integrating app installs in promoted Tweets.

Opened to all users following “strong results” in beta, mobile app promotion will integrate with Twitter’s existing content promotion tools to add an ‘Install’ button onto selected Tweets, allowing users to install promoted smartphone and tablet applications within Twitter itself.

Twitter said the new functionality will leverage the platform’s existing targeting capabilities, including the ability to target by interest, keyword, geography, gender and mobile platform, amongst other metrics.

The iOS version of the function will also include notifications when a user has finished installing a promoted app, a feature which Twitter claimed would drive activation of apps when user intent is at its highest.

Twitter’s mobile app promotion service will also include an analytics element, allowing companies to measure the full conversion impact of app promotion campaigns across a given period.

It will be priced on a cost-per-app-click model, in which business users will only be charged when they go to the App Store or Google Play store from their ad, or when a user opens their app from within Twitter.


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