Two-thirds of British parents want to start a business

Large number of parents have said they are looking to leave their full-time jobs in order to benefit from increased flexibility and work/life balance...

Over 60% of British parents want to quit their jobs and open their own business, a report from the Start Up Loans Company has revealed today.

Polling 2,000 adults aged 18 and over, the majority of parents said they would look to start a business to benefit from increased flexibility followed by the opportunity to be their own boss, make more money, pursue a hobby, and to gain a sense of self-achievement.

The research also found that the reasons parents gave for starting a business differed based on the number of children they had – parents with one child cited potential earning as the most attractive part of starting a business with those with two and three children placed a higher emphasis on flexibility.

Tim Sawyer, CEO of the Start Up Loans Company, said: “Our survey shows that there are many parents who are not giving up on their business dreams and are still considering establishing their own companies, mainly as this would give them more flexibility to look after their children.

“Some parents actually got their business ideas thanks to their children.”

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