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5 reasons why a UK-based cloud backup provider is essential for UK businesses

Whilst 90% of cloud backup providers are based in the US, having a UK-based provider helps your business remain GDPR compliant and ensures quicker data recovery

As many as 90% of cloud backup providers are based in the US, where GDPR compliance isn’t nearly as front-of-mind, and where a number of large third-party cloud providers don’t even encrypt backups when stored ‘at rest' in their datacentre.

This is why it might be wise for UK-based businesses to consider a UK-based backup provider – one that fully understands the implications of GDPR and has the solutions to help you achieve data compliance and security.

Here are five of the key benefits of bringing your backups closer to home…

1. GDPR compliance

Compliance is a bit like insurance – you hope you’ll never need it, but you can’t really do business (or fully relax) without it.

The advent of GDPR means EU companies (and US businesses operating in the EU) need to be able to show that their backed-up data is secure.

However, UK based backup provider, BackupVault has spoken to several US-based backup providers and found that a worrying number of them don’t even know what GDPR is – let alone understand its implications.

2. Avoiding the Patriot Act

The Patriot Act gives the US Government full access to any or all data a US-based company or datacentre holds, without explanation or any reassurance of its intended use or future security. Not surprisingly, that’s a big turn-off for UK-based businesses seeking or claiming strong privacy credentials.

Note also that some industries – finance and accounting services, for example – are legally bound to ensure customer data is backed up only in the UK.

3. Speed of data recovery

It may not affect daily business operations in any noticeable way, but with most US datacentres in West Coast states, backup times (and therefore data recovery times) can be considerably longer.

If you also ever need to have a large amount of data sent to you via an encrypted USB disk during a disaster, a USA service can take days.

4. Domestic support

A UK-based backup provider doesn’t just mean GDPR compliance and faster backups – you also enjoy UK-based support from providers that better understand the data security landscape from both technical and legal standpoints. What’s more, they’re easier to get hold of…

BackupVault, for example, offers 24-hour UK-based technical support by phone and email, while US providers tend to only offer support during their nine to five – not yours.

5. ISO certification

Most UK providers of backup services are ISO9001 or ISO27001 certified, which gives you added peace of mind that your customer data is secure. This may even be a requirement for your business.

ISO9001 is a strict management system standard, while ISO27001 indicates reduced risk to customer data. Again, many US providers are not aware of these.

The best policy is to ask questions of your backup provider before entrusting your backups and data security to them, but a UK provider should already tick the right boxes for GDPR and encryption.

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

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