UK bosses say ‘yes’ to sex at work

The majority of people think that work is an acceptable place to start a relationship even if it is with a junior colleague, a new survey suggests.

New research by the Aziz Corporation shows that 29% of staff have had a long-term relationship with someone at work and 35% have had a ‘fling’.

Also, bosses don’t seem to feel that they have to miss out in the fun, as over half (53%) say that it is okay for them to have a relationship at work even if it is with a junior colleague.

Indeed, managers appear keen for relationships to occur at work, with 83% saying that it was ‘perfectly acceptable’ to date someone that you work with.

However, poor old British bosses are often confused about how to act when they are in the office.

Researchers found that 43% of bosses had fancied someone at work but were unsure about what to do about it.

Also, 44% have had sexual fantasies about colleagues and 28% have sent flirtatious emails to someone they work with.

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Finally, the survey found that 13% of people claim to have had ‘intimate relations’ in the office itself. Professor Khalid Aziz, chairman of The Aziz Corporation, said: “The results show that the workplace has become a hotbed of flirtatious fun and sexual shenanigans.

“Whilst office life may have become more relaxed, people need to consider the possible repercussions of an office romance.

“A quick fling may not communicate a professional attitude and could stifle career progression.

“Whatever the official policy may be, you can guarantee that directors will still want decisions to be made with the head – and not the heart.”

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