UK hospitality and leisure industry could add £3.2bn to UK economy

Improvements to how hotels, spas and restaurants respond to customer feedback could attract greater tourism and drive spending

A “more successful” hospitality and leisure industry could contribute an extra £3.2bn to the UK economy over the next decade, a report from Barclays on the ‘Feedback Economy’ has suggested.

Improvements in how the UK’s leisure and hospitality industry manages and responds to customer feedback has the potential to add an extra £2bn, with the remaining £1.2bn coming from the impact on the sector’s large supply chain.

Barclays has said this growth could be achieved if businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, spas and sports clubs put processes into place to create a “more responsive sector, helping to attract more international tourists and encouraging domestic visitors to stay longer” – generating more revenue per head.

Mike Saul, head of hospitality and leisure at Barclays, commented:

“The rise of feedback sites has been a disruptive force within the hospitality industry over the past decade.

“Our research reveals that those working in the UK hospitality and leisure industry feel that these faster, easier and simpler feedback mechanisms are a good thing for the industry – resulting in more agile businesses better able to serve the evolving needs of consumers.”

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