UK retailers urged to take full advantage of booming mobile commerce

Report suggest retailers need to create “highly engaging mobile retail experiences” and use technology such as mobile wallets to drive sales

With smartphone visits to online retailers increasing by 54% year-on-year, the UK’s small businesses are being encouraged to fully maximise mobile revenue, according to Adobe’s 2016 Mobile Retail Report.

Since 2015, there has also been an 89% increase in smartphone revenue growth, compared to just 8% for desktops and 10% for tablets.

Despite this, smartphones accounted for just 12% of total revenue and 27% of traffic – a relatively flat increase of just 3% year-on-year.

And while traffic for desktops and tablets decreased by 7% and 8% respectively, desktops were responsible for 74% of sales volume and 58% of traffic. Average order value on desktops was 25% higher than smartphones, with revenue-per-visit 3.4 times higher.

Mobile shoppers also complete fewer orders than desktop users, with purchase conversion rates 2.6 times higher for the latter.

The report cited ease of navigation (28%), the ability to see images on a bigger screen (23%) and ease of entering payment information (17%) as the main reasons for switching to a desktop to complete purchases.

On this basis, UK businesses have been urged to develop “highly engaging mobile retail experiences” to help convert sales and drive revenue.

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Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst of Adobe Digital Insights, commented: “The shopping cart is a critical page to convert shoppers, but the experience has not been optimised on mobile and it has left many users to either buy less or abandon their carts completely.

“It will be critical for retailers to better personalise the experience so that users will be compelled to purchase more on their smartphones, while better integrating technologies such as mobile wallets to create a seamless experience within apps and browsers.”

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