UK small businesses to boost sales conversions with mobile breakthrough

eBay reveals 20% of its global sales are mobile, increasing by 66% every year

One in four (23%) of the UK’s small and mid-sized enterprises are to introduce a mobile optimised site or app in 2015, according to new research carried out by eBay.

Of the businesses that have already taken advantage of a mobile presence, 45% have seen an increase in sales conversion with 8% seeing an increase of over 20%. This means that by the end of the year more than half of businesses with a current online presence will have optimised their mobile presence by developing a new mobile strategy.

According to eBay, mobile accounts for 20% of its global sales but that figure is growing by 66% year-on-year. Additionally, a report by Ofcom revealed that 41% of consumers spend at least £100 a month online via mobile, up 4% year-on-year.

With smartphones now having many of the same functions as a laptop, consumers are favouring mobile devices for everyday tasks, so businesses would do well to target them with a mobile strategy.

Johnny Gabbai, head of mobile at eBay said: “This is good news for developers and most importantly for consumers. We know that the everyday activity of shopping has been transformed over the past few years, thanks to the growth of online retail and adoption of smartphones.

“Going mobile can make the difference between converting that sale or making that good impression. Small businesses are vital to the UK because they can make rapid decisions, price competitively and adapt quickly to meet changing consumer demand. They are the innovators of UK retail. Their rapid adoption of mobile is just another example of this.”



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