UK start-up app specialist receives $15m investment from BSkyB

New technology set to spearhead TV and social media convergence

International broadcasting giant BskyB has invested $15m (£9.6m) in Zeebox, a fledgling UK app developer which aims to bring TV and social media together.

Under the terms of the deal, BskyB will take a 10% stake in the investee, and integrate Zeebox’s technology into its own app portfolio, starting with the Sky+ app.

Launched last October, Zeebox is geared towards allowing television viewers to watch and talk about programmes together. Through its eponymous app, Zeebox offers features such as a messenger chatbox, popularity rankings, and short blurbs containing information about the protagonists on screen.

The BskyB investment caps an extraordinary first three months for Zeebox, which has already completed a first round of funding worth around £4.5m, and attracted 250,000 users without any marketing outlay.

CEO Ernesto Schmitt, speaking to reporters from paidContent, described the BskyB investment as a “major deal”, while co-founder Anthony Rose called it “significant”.


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