UK start-ups enModus and Inova Design join Internet of Things accelerator

Tech businesses have won a place on Breed Reply's London"Best in Breed 2" programme with search for "Best in Breed 3" start-ups now underway

Early-stage UK businesses enModus and Inova Design have been selected to join Breed Reply; the London-based incubator which looks to fund and support the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) start-ups in Europe and the US.

enModus operates in the smart building sector and enables monitoring, control and internet connectivity of any device that is mains powered while Guildford-based Inova Design specialises in creating unique sensing solutions to optimise wellness and prevent illness.

European fitness start-up Gymcraft has also won a place on the programme.

Chosen from 150 entrants as a result of Breed Reply’s latest “IoT Best in Breed 2” initiative, the start-ups will now receive support and a share of £2.37m funding in return for a shareholding of up to 30%.

Emanuele Angelidis, Breed Reply CEO, commented:

“The new start-ups further develop our portfolio and represent a remarkable combination of technical and business innovation.”

Following the addition of its latest cohort, Breed Reply has announced the opening of its third tranche “IoT Best in Breed 3″ and is looking for IoT businesses with highly innovative solutions, outstanding management and market potential to apply.

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Angelidis invited businesses to apply: “The best start-ups are selected and, in addition to funding, will benefit from a transfer of managerial, commercial and technological skills and a strong involvement in the development of solid foundations in their target markets.”

Entries for Breed Reply close on November 16 2015, click here to apply.


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