UK’s biggest export directory to “revolutionise” trade for small businesses

Government has partnered with 'Big 5' high street banks to enable potential customers to search for companies exporting the products and services they need

Proposed as a landmark deal, the government has announced that it has partnered with the UK's five major high street banks – Lloyds, Barclays, Santander, NatWest, and HSBC – to create an extensive Directory of Exporters.

Said to be the UK's largest export directory, the directory will connect UK businesses with global contacts by enabling potential customers and buyers from around the world to search for UK companies that are ready to supply the products, services and skills they need.

The department for international trade has said the directory will launch in November 2016 but companies can register now in order to get themselves on the directory and “promote themselves to a global audience”.

The government and banks have said the “ground-breaking” service will help make the UK the easiest place in the world to start exporting and it's expected that the directory will be supported by international marketing activity in order to increase demand for UK goods and services.

Dr Liam Fox, the new secretary of state for international trade, said of the news:

“We want to help UK businesses scale up and take advantage of the global appetite for British goods and services, as well as to demonstrate that there has never been a better time for international companies to partner with UK suppliers.

“The first of its kind, this directory will deliver a unique and new route to global markets, promoting British goods and services on an unprecedented scale. With this kind of creativity and collaborative working between government and industry, I’m confident that we can make the whole of the UK a beacon for open trade around the world.”

To register your business for the directory, click here.


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