UK’s largest trade union formed

Amicus merges with Transport and General Workers' Union

Two major bodies were amalgamated today to form the UK’s biggest trade union.

The new organisation, aptly named Unite, is the two million-strong combination of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The newly-formed body seeks to increase the uptake of union membership across the UK, where just one in four workers are currently signed up.

With its two million members, Unite will now be the dominant trade union in the manufacturing, transport, finance, food and agriculture and printing sectors, the organisation announced.

Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite, said: “Unite will be focused above all on winning for our members in the workplace and taking trade unionism to the millions who need it.”

Unite’s leaders have pledged that the union will use its annual £15m budget to help stop the exploitation of young workers and increase union membership across the country.

The organisation will also actively seek further mergers abroad to form a global body. Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, added: “Unite is uniquely placed to build an international trade union, capable of protecting working people of all ages from exploitation, whoever they work for. “We aim to offer the benefits of membership of a strong and internationally connected union to working people in every workplace in the UK and Ireland.”

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