UK services sector booming with £72bn spent by consumers each year

Britons increasingly dependent on tradespeople with car mechanics, hairdressers and builders among most in-demand service professionals

Even in an increasingly digital age the UK’s service sector is experiencing a boom, with consumers spending more than £72bn a year on skilled tradespeople – according to Find a Future’s first Skills Spending Index.

Car mechanics were listed as the most in-demand service professionals with 40% of consumers surveyed saying they could not live without them, followed closely by plumbers (39%) and electricians (38%).

Having a car fixed or serviced was also one of the services that Britons pay the most for, with an average spend of £213 a year, followed by hairdressing (£124.70) and builders (£99). But restaurants and eateries took the top spot, with respondents spending an average £342 a year on going out for meals.

The study also revealed that 72% of consumers are prepared to pay more for highly skilled service professionals, such as those who have won awards for their work.

Carole Stott, chair of Find a Future, said: “Our Skills Spending Index shows just how valuable skilled professionals are to the UK’s economy and also in our everyday lives.

“From calling out a plumber to getting a bouquet made, we are dependent on the services and expertise of our skilled people and should celebrate them more regularly.”

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