Using a local newspaper to find employees for your start-up

A great way to find local candidates

Everyone looking for a job knows the day the job pages come out. It’s the one day that is guaranteed to be a big seller for the local paper as everyone from national to one man band companies vie to attract new staff.

As such, it isn’t the cheapest form of recruitment but you are guaranteed to get a sizeable response. Most locals said smaller companies didn’t need to put an advert in for more than one week to get a more than adequate choice.

Prices vary from region to region but the procedure is largely the same. You fax or email through the text of your advert – over the phone there is too much risk of misspelling – then the recruitment classified desk will call you back to discuss options.

If you’ve never placed an advert before, don’t worry, they will go through with you how big the advert should be and how long it should appear to attract a certain response. And then calculate exactly what the cost will be.

The simplest adverts might be charged by lineage, for example £5.85 per line plus VAT, where each line will fit three or four words. You wouldn’t be able to say a great deal or have a company logo but it would get the message across.

Otherwise you might be charged a rate per centimetres down by column inches across. For example for a credit card sized advert which might be 5cm down by two columns across you might pay £26 x 5cm x 2 which is £260.

This might seem a lot of money but in a paper measuring eight columns across, your advert would be covering a quarter of the page – which is going to attract attention.

Many local papers are part of a wider syndicate so you might also be able to get your advert in more than one paper. For example some local papers have a more business-orientated journal – helpful if you are looking to reach that market. This is again something the classified department will be able to help you with.

Possibly the best way to access your region – the local paper on job day is the first port of call for most people
Not very targeted – the paper goes to everyone and unless you make your advert specific, you might have to wade through lots of unsuitable applicants


Check with your local newsagent which paper people buy for jobs in your area and which day is job day – it’s usually Thursday.


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