Using online recruitment to find employees for your start-up

An increasingly popular method of finding the right candidate

You don’t have to be an online company to think about recruiting online.

Often if you place a newspaper ad with a local paper, they will have a package to post your advert on an affiliated website. But there are also dedicated websites., Stepstone and easyJobs are some of the ones available where both potential employees and employers can search online. The idea is that you save time by cutting out the middleman – using the website instead.

With Monster, for example, you can potentially deal with the whole process online. You log on, post your vacancy and pay for it using your credit card. If you have a small business, you would probably want to go for the one off option which costs £360 and will keep your advert up there for up to 60 days.

The main appeal with most seems to be that once you are registered you can control the job adverts yourself, taking them down when you have enough applicants. But there is the added bonus of a team on hand to help you out with any problems.


You can reach a much wider audience, nationally and possible Europe-wide, without going through agents.


People are unlikely to see the job accidentally as they might in a newspaper when scanning the adverts. Websites rely on people searching.


Gojobsite: 0870 774 8710 Monster: 0800 169 5015 Stepstone: 020 8762 6700 easyJobs:


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