Using paid social to drive customer acquisition

How to multiply your audience, clean your customer data and improve ROI all in one fell swoop

As many marketers and business owners know, the process of keeping your customer database up-to-date and ‘clean’ can feel like somewhat of a never-ending task fraught with difficulties, from the initial ‘opt-in’ verification process and ensuring the data is compliant for marketing usage to spending money on technology to maintain relevancy and not risk incurring spam complaints, blocking and high bounce rates. Failure here can contribute to a less-than-rich brand experience for your customers.

Could there be a better, cheaper, quicker way to encompass the above and tackle these common challenges?

One such way could be to use one of the audience-matching tactics currently on offer, such as Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Google’s Customer Match. These products allow marketers and/or their agencies to upload email addresses that are anonymised or ‘hashed’, meaning that no privacy directives are compromised in order to target or retarget them on said platforms.

The tools are obviously ways for the media owners to attract further media investment that can often lead to greater take-up of their other products and services. In short, the likes of Facebook and Google are very much now playing in the ‘retention’ space now.

This is all fine, and not particularly new, you say? Indeed, but what if the primary objective was to use the likes of Facebook Custom Audiences to actually cleanse your database? Therefore, probably for the price of a very small retargeting investment on Facebook you can update your data in one fell swoop.

Therefore, as an initial, basic step, this is very much an expedient and painless route to making sure your data is up-to-date and usable.  There is opportunity for further enhancement however by, essentially using the Facebook platform to, one, maximise your reach and, two, directly compare performance to your email marketing campaigns.

In terms of reach maximisation, we can quite easily hit our database at an agreed frequency, over an agreed period of time with sequential messaging potentially. Furthermore, the ability to leverage Facebook ‘lookalike’ data on your current database multiplies your potential audience and enhances the campaign beyond simply approaching the fixed list that you possess.

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When looking at performance comparison with email marketing, this is a simple and scientific benchmarking exercise across key stats but with open rates at an average of 20% in the B2B space, and the ability to test-on-the fly with Facebook and iterate in a creative and data-driven way, don’t bet against stronger performance with the latter.

Custom audiences cleansed in this way has helped us at All Response Media deliver social and eCRM campaigns, on a like for like basis with the same offer, with ROI improvements of over 33%.

All Response Media is the largest dedicated customer acquisition media planning and buying agency in the UK with billings of over £200 million, and has worked with, Vistaprint, giffgaff, Groupon, and many more fast growth start-ups. Find out more at allresponsemedia.


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