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Best fleet car options for business in 2019

We select three ideal vehicles to suit key roles in your business – from the car you drive to how your delivery drivers get from A to B

What does the car you drive say about you? How about your business? Whether your company needs commercial vehicles to get the job done or you have employees you want to offer a fleet car to, you want to make the right impression.

You also want your company car fleet to be cost-efficient and easy to manage – and for the model to be fit for purpose.

Check out our suggestions for your team:

You are what you drive

It’s easy to generalise, but there may be some boxes you want to check for the different roles in your organisation. For example, as the owner you may want to impress clients with your vehicle choice – but you might not want to go for the top bracket of what you can afford if it suggests you’re doing ‘too well’ or have the wrong priorities.

Perhaps none of their business, but secretly your team may resent you having the most expensive car if, say, you’ve recently suggested that cost control is something everyone needs to pay attention to. Nevertheless, the right car delivers a strong subliminal message about the rewards of hard work – something for your team to aspire to.

And so these considerations cascade through the business. Investing in a company car fleet means you may want a variety of vehicle types to suit each member of your team that needs one. A fleet provider with a versatile range, something FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) prides itself on, is crucial.

Fleet options that grow with your business

As your company growth accelerates, you’ll also want your fleet options to grow with you. Your sales or marketing director and some of your sales team are likely to need company cars if they travel to numerous client meetings.

Naturally, you’d expect the sales or marketing director to have a higher spec vehicle. This is especially true in such a commercial environment where the fruits of your expertise are often evident in the way you dress, the car you drive, or the luxuries you enjoy.

Then, you have the customer-facing roles – the commercial vehicles that are on the road with your brand name every day delivering your products or services. Franchise businesses, restaurants, couriers, florists, facilities managers, taxi and private hire firms, food or beverage brands, construction companies, all rely on commercial vehicles with their signage on the side.

And then there are employees who want a company car via salary sacrifice as well as more niche businesses that need specialist vehicles, such as pick-up trucks.

Over the next five pages we’ve taken a closer look at the options offered by FCA to suggest brands and models that are designed to suit those key roles.

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