Vision RT backed by the Capital Fund

The company gains £250,000 to roll out its new product in the US

Vision RT, the medical imaging company, has received £250,000 of backing from the Capital Fund.

The company, set up by Norman Smith in 2001, specialises in 3D surface imaging for use in radiotherapy treatments.

The effectiveness of radiotherapy, which involves blasting a tumour with radiation, is lessened if a patient moves during the therapy and the rays don’t go directly on to the affected area. Also, it can be dangerous if the tumour is near to vital organs, as these maybe harmed by the radiation.

However, Vision RT’s product, the AlignRT, produces a three-dimensional model of the patient, which improves accuracy and automatically shuts the radiation beam off if the patient moves.

The company’s systems are already use in some of the world’s top cancer treatment centres, including Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

The company now wants to concentrate on the lucrative US health market.

“Over the past ten years, radiation delivery technology has developed so that it can be accurate to within a couple of millimetres,” said Smith.

“The new funding will allow us to develop a direct representation in the US, a huge potential market for us.

“We are delighted to have secured the support of The Capital Fund – Ian Cameron and his team were extremely helpful throughout the due diligence process.”

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