Vision XS secures £200,000

Vision XS has secured £200,000 of funding from a consortium of business angels as it embarks on big plans for the leisure and tourism industry.

The company, founded by Tony Sefton eight-years-ago, uses modelling software to assess the sort of experience visitors have at themed leisure venues and how this can be improved.

Vision XS boasts some big clients in the UK including the Natural History Museum, Bristol Zoo and the Imperial War Museum.

Word has spread overseas and Vision XS has also worked for international clients such as The Two Oceans Aquarium and Gold Reef City in South Africa and recently won a contract to help develop the Dubailand theme park in the Middle East.

The company was advised on the deal by the accountancy firm James Cowper.

“What Vision XS has achieved is to make the management of leisure destinations such as theme parks, museums and zoos a more precise science,” says Sue Staunton, head of James Cowper’s business direction team.

“Vision XS is now taking this a stage further and has started to advise regional tourism groups in the UK and overseas, and look at facilities across a whole region to determine how the visitor experience can be improved.”

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