Water coolers may damage firms’ green credentials

Businesses advised to cut costs by installing mains fed drinking water

Office water coolers have become the latest target in the continuing efforts to reduce the carbon emissions of UK businesses.

According to water supplier Greencare H2O, not only do bottled water coolers cost businesses more money than mains-fed water coolers, they also produce significantly higher amounts of carbon dioxide.

Greencare H2O says the calculation is based on the idea of ‘water miles’, which is the number of miles covered by the vehicles transporting the water cooler bottles.

Since water-cooler bottles are transported back and forth between offices and refilling stations across the UK, this impact on the environment can be equivalent to that caused by excessive vehicle or electricity usage. “Most UK companies have woken up to the direct link between their use of energy and climate change,” said Jonathan Shopley, chief executive of The CarbonNeutral Company

“Companies also need to consider the impact of the equipment and supplies they purchase, because these can have substantial carbon footprints from production, delivery, and use,” Shopley continued.

As more businesses strive to improve their ‘green credentials’, Greencare H20 suggests that fitting a mains-fed water cooler could be a cost-effective way of achieving this.

“By switching to a mains-fed cooler, some organisations can offset part or all of the cost of water coolers by reducing water wastage in other areas,” commented Matt Cooper, research and development manager at Greencare H2O.

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