We need more female angels

New initiative wants to double the number of women investors in the UK

The UK and Europe are in desperate need of more female business angels, it has been claimed.

Women angels currently make up around 7% of private investors in the UK, according to Angels Lounge, a new joint initiative between investor network Angels Den and female wealth management firm Addidi.

The initiative wants to encourage more women to come forward as private investors and aims to double the number of female angels in the UK by 2010.

Angels Lounge believes that unless the investor gender imbalance is addressed, the start-ups that do succeed in receiving funding will continue to be ‘skewed’ towards those that appeal to male angels.

“As women continue to earn and control more wealth the balance needs to be addressed to bring business angel investing more in line with the ownership of wealth in general,” said Lois Cook of Angels Den.

“Today, nearly half of millionaires under the age of 44 in Britain are women and yet we are not seeing a similar rise in women becoming involved in angel investing.”

Sally Goodsell, chief executive regional funding organisation Finance South East, said it was important to persuade women to become business angels as well as encouraging female entrepreneurs to pitch for finance.

She added: “Female business angels can offer a perspective on investing in a business that differs from those held by their male peers. A woman’s preferences, motivations and investment activities may present new opportunities for funding.”

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