Website design service 2: Bespoke design on a WordPress platform

For start-ups on a budget, a bespoke Wordpress design can offer a unique site without the agency costs

Website design service 1: DIY website builder
Website design service 2: Bespoke design on a WordPress platform
Website design service 3: Bespoke website solution

Best for: Value for money, price
Compromise:  Custom platform

What is it?

Just because you can’t afford an agency website solution, such as a Tesco’s or Amazon, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a unique look!

A bespoke design/custom platform website solution will use professional graphic designers to create the look of your site from scratch, and use expert web developers to integrate this look with an existing platform (such as WordPress).

The ‘platform’, as it is often called, refers to the ‘back end’ of your website, where you can manage the text and images. The platform you have will not affect the look of your site to a user, but will affect your ability to change your content. Some bespoke platforms require knowledge of technical languages such as HTML, whereas using a well-developed existing platform such as WordPress has the advantage of being incredibly easy to use by someone with no knowledge of websites whatsoever. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use WordPress’ Content Management System. Whilst this is a plus in terms of simplicity, it does mean that your site will not be able to have lots of advance functions and features, if you know your website is going to have a database or booking function for instance, you may need to consider a completely bespoke solution.

Bespoke-design/custom-platform solutions usually offer different price ‘bundles’ for you to choose from, depending on the size of website you’d like. This approach is designed to help a small business owner benefit from a one-off up-front cost. It is also possible to add additional pages at a later date for a further one-off fee, once your business starts to expand, so you don’t need to panic if you can only afford a five-page design initially but may want a 10-page design in the future. Once ready to buy the ordering process is fairly simple, you will submit your requirements in the form of a written online brief.

Price: £250-£700
Value for money: Really good
Quality of the design: Great – looks professional and unique
UK based: Yes
Speed: Up and running within weeks
Ease of ordering process: Simple – often package based
Ease of creation process: Good – submit brief and content

The verdict:

Having a unique design is crucial if you want a successful brand, as it will show any customer that your business is like no other.  This gives you the flexibility to match the look of your website to other marketing materials you may use – tying together your means of customer communication, helping to establish a memorable business brand and style.

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The other advantage of this type of service is you can edit your text and images whenever you like. This is not only crucial to keep your users engaged with fresh content, but will also save you money in the long run. Development costs can be expensive to make a small amend to your website – so by giving you this independence, a bespoke-design/custom-platform solution is giving your business flexibility and trying to save you money.

The thing to remember with a bespoke-design/custom-platform website solution is that you do not own the platform your site is built on. However, you do own the design, the content, everything else – so if you do want to move company, you can! All you have to do is ask your developer to export the design, and take it to another development and hosting company, who will recreate it quickly.


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