Website design service 3: Bespoke website solution

If you're looking for a fully-customisable, strategic website an agency solution could be right for you

Website design service 1: DIY website builder
Website design service 2: Bespoke design on a WordPress platform
Website design service 3: Bespoke website solution

Best for: Professional quality
Compromise:  Turnaround time, price

What is it?

Website agencies offer a bespoke website solution for businesses looking to get online.

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Typically the process of creating the website requires face-to-face consultations, for which you will receive a totally bespoke system to answer your given brief. Your site will be built with your business strategy in mind from the offset so despite the high costs, agencies claim that you are guaranteed to see a decent return on your investment.

A totally bespoke system means not only a bespoke design, totally unique and tailored to your company, but a bespoke platform too. This means the interface on which you edit your content and structure. Although bespoke designs on custom platforms allow you to edit your design there are still some restrictions in terms of changes you can make to your site’s structure, but a completely bespoke solution gives you complete control of design, structure and functionality.

Price: From £1,000 to hundreds of thousands
Value for money: Fairly good value – could get a similar quality look for less
Quality of the design: Fantastic
Contact with designer: Yes – involves face-to-face consultations
Speed: Slow, weeks of research and proposals
Ease of ordering process: Average – consultations with slow turnaround
Ease of creation process: Good. All done for you

The verdict:

A website agency will take the time to understand your industry and competitors, before planning a website design and build to address the gap in the market you want to seize. On the one hand this is a fantastic service, which takes a far more strategic approach to helping you get the website your business needs to succeed.

However, the cost of a totally bespoke website design and platform is more than most small businesses can afford – starting at thousands of pounds and ranging potentially up to hundreds of thousands.

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The extra cost involved is for the professional consultancy advice and for the bespoke platform your company will then own. Though nice things to have, they are perhaps an unnecessary cost (and often not feasible) for small businesses – especially when there are bespoke design and custom platform solutions (such as WordPress) which can give your website the same professional, unique look without the agency cost.

This solution is great for the long-term and may be something to look at again once your business is firmly established.

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