What a smart meter could do for your business

A new kind of meter to help your business save time, money and energy – Startups brings you all you need to know about smart meters.

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are a new type of energy meters for gas and electricity currently being rolled out across Great Britain – and, alongside all households, many small businesses with fewer than 10 employees are eligible for an upgrade.

Smart meters use secure wireless technology to automatically send gas and electricity meter readings to your energy supplier, meaning an end to estimated bills. They also provide near real time information on the amount of energy used, and its cost to your business.

What are the benefits of smart meters for business?

A smart meter can save you both time and the hassle of bill disputes: by getting one installed, you can say goodbye to manual meter readings and estimated bills, avoiding either over or underpaying and the unpleasant shock of a back bill.

But most importantly, a smart meter gives you detailed information on your business’ energy use: and having a visibility of what you’re spending can help you drive greater energy efficiency within your company.

Having access to your energy use data in near real time (whether through a hand-held digital display or an online portal) is the first step to identifying energy use patterns and pinpointing unnecessary wastage.

What is the cost to my business of having a smart meter installed?

Some suppliers are installing smart meters at no extra cost, though others may charge for part of the upgrade such as installation and access to data – they will always notify you of any fees upfront.

What is the smart meter rollout about?

Unprecedented in scale, the smart meter rollout will improve Great Britain’s energy infrastructure. Essentially, smart meters provide your business with accurate bills, near real time information on energy usage in pounds and pence, and greater control over your gas and electricity.

Coupled with smart savings (see below), having a smart meter installed could also open up a way to further smart technology integration within your business.

Take inspiration from big business leaders: In a recent poll of 500 senior decision makers of medium to large businesses, carried out by ComRes for Smart Energy GB, 68% said they were considering the role of technology such as smart meters in their business strategies.

Similarly, 83% of business leaders said that Britain’s energy system needs a digital upgrade – your business can be part of this with a smart meter.

More than 4 million smart meters have already been installed in homes and businesses across the country, so you’re in good company!

Smart meters = smart savings

Smart meters can help you to identify situations where your business is using a lot of energy and where you might want to make changes. If you use this information to reduce your business’ energy use, you can cut your energy costs.

Smart meters = green credentials for businesses

We all know that being green is important in today’s world and a smart meter enables you to increase your business’ green credentials.

By setting energy targets and getting accurate up-to-date readings, your business can save more energy so your company will be more environmentally friendly, and will reduce its carbon footprint in the process.

Where can I find out more information about smart meters for business?

Startups has teamed up with Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout to bring you all the information you need about smart meters and their benefits to your small business.

Head over to our dedicated content hub, or visit the Smart Energy GB website for details on how to claim your smart meter.


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