What are the practicalities of juggling working from home childcare?

Many people set up a business after having children but how does it affect you?


Many people quit the nine to five routine as they start a family or as mum thinks of returning to work and looks for ways to juggle family and income.

Working at home is not an alternative to childcare, although it is an attractive proposition for new mothers. There are a few golden rules. Make sure there are adequate alternative carers for the children. The choices include having a full-time nanny or a nanny share that allows the child to stay at home but gives you the space to work. Other options include childminders and nurseries.

The choice will be very personal and often dictated by where you live. But always look for flexibility. Working from home often means lean spells with little work and then hugely pressurised weeks where every deadline converges.

Having a little flexibility will mean that you are not paying out for the lean times but have help for the busy moments. It may also lessen the guilt of farming your child out if he or she is at home whenever possible. Having children at home can also mean more pressure for your partner, who may have to take over mealtimes or bathtimes as you face a deadline. They may have had a hard day at work themselves and keeping the balance is difficult.


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