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What is a Confirmation Statement and what do you need to file one?

The information you need to file a Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return)

All UK businesses will be required to file a confirmation statement, regardless of whether you are trading or operating as a dormant company (not trading). The confirmation statement (CS01) shows an overview of all company directors, secretaries (if one has been appointed), your registered office address, share capital, shareholders, and persons with significant control over the company. 

If there are no changes within your company, you will need to file your confirmation statement and simply confirm that all details are correct and remain unchanged. You can process your filing online with Companies House or a third-party company. The important thing isn’t who you file with, because the result will be the same, the only difference is the process itself may differ.

Before you get started, there are a few things you will need to provide, plus specific questions you will need to know the answers to. Please have the following information at hand:

Registered office address

You will be asked to confirm your company’s registered office address. If this hasn’t changed, you will simply need to confirm that it remains the same or make any updates to this area.

Trading status

Has your company traded on any regulated markets (government controlled forces of supply and demand)? If you not, then you can skip this area and move on to the next field. If it has, you will need to give notification of the acquisition or disposal of major shareholdings (DTR5). This will be explained to you, so you can be certain whether this applies to your company or not.

Standard industrial classification code (SIC)

You will need to have your SIC code at hand. This code consists of only five-digits, used to summarise what your company does, such as, 01500 relates to Mixed Farming. You can view a list of codes here <(link spreadsheet of codes to download or view).

Statement of capital

At this point, you will be shown a view of your company’s share structure. This will include:

  •    Currency 
  •    Class
  •    Number of shares
  •    Value
  •    Shareholder information

All you will need to do is either confirm that all details shown remains the same or you can go ahead and update as appropriate.

The people with significant control (PSC)

On the 6th of April 2016, it was passed that companies will need to declare all people with significant control. A person of significant control is someone who owns more than 25% of shares or voting rights in a company or who has the right to appoint or remove most the board of directors. 

The PSC register will include the following:

  •    Name
  •    DOD
  •    Nationality 
  •    Details of their interest in the company.

You will need to either confirm that all information shown is correct or update as appropriate by removing or adding people with significant control.

Company officer

All directors or secretaries are referred to as company officers. You will be shown all information that relates to company officers. It will include their role (director/secretary), name and date of birth. If you need to make any changes to this area, you will first need to stop the completion of your confirmation statement and file the correct form with Companies House. After your updated information has been accepted by Companies House, you can return and complete your confirmation statement.

Once you’ve completed all the areas above, you’d have finished filing your confirmation statement.


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