What is presentation software?

A guide to what's on the market and why you should bother with it

Presentation software is graphical software that enables you to build a slide show. Much in the same way that we used to use 35 mm photographic slides and a projector, you can build slides on your PC for projection on a screen. These products come with a range of tools and utilities to help you style your slides in an attractive way – very useful if you do not have a designer’s eye.

Examples of presentation software products include:

Why bother with presentation software?

A good question. Many presenters rely too heavily on presentation software, some falling into the trap of reading the slides which is a real turn off for the audience. For many presentation software is a really useful tool for highlighting key points of the session and reinforcing the words of the presenter. The software also enables you to present graphics and images, for example sales charts. Once on the screen you can point out the salient features to your audience.

Presentation software is a really useful tool if used properly.

Source: Creating better business presentations

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