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What is tradesman insurance?

Make sure you, your clients, their homes and your equipment are fully covered

Being a tradesman gives rise to a number of risks that you need to make sure you are protected against. One of the most important things to look for when choosing a policy is its public liability cover.

Working in other people's homes makes this a key concern and you may well face litigation if your work causes any damage to their property or any injuries. Likewise, you may face legal action for any injuries your staff sustain at work or any illness they feel has arisen from the job.

Due to the nature of tradesmen's work, which often involves manual labour or working with dangerous tools, there is a much greater risk of accidents than there is in an office environment, which makes your employers' liability insurance invaluable, and many policies will also cover this.

There are other things to consider that may not be covered by the standard tradesman insurance policy but can usually be added as ‘bolt-ons'.

Given the nature of the work, personal accident cover can be extremely useful to cover medical expenses or loss of earnings in the result of a work-related injury.

It's also worth ensuring you have some form of cover for your tools. Many builders, plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen are self-employed and therefore provide their own equipment, which can be extremely expensive to replace if lost or damaged and can seriously jeopardise your income.

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